Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Some ideas

Here are some various ideas that may be useful for teachers of English to Japanese students.
  1. Do your students like manga? There are many manga translated online. Here's One Piece.
  2. Students may be too shy to write to real people. But how about a Chatbot? Type in your message and then 'Say It'
  3. If students like Harry Potter, then they may be interested in reading David Snopek's method of using it to teach himself Polish.
  4. Students may prefer to be coached rather than taught.
  5. Students may be bored by traditional methods.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1 alphabet of advice

Avoid your off-buttons 
Build an English world 
Carry out kaisen 
Do a stock take 
Enlist support
Find your passion
Generate mistakes 
Have fun with English
Individualize your system
Journal your journey
Keep going
Let learning happen 
Minimize grammar 
Notice—don’t ‘study’
Organize a routine 
Practice holistically 
Question your beliefs 
Reward progress 
Select what you like 
Try authentic text 
Understand your psychology
Vary your routine,  
Work with whole sentences
eXpect no quick fiX 
You take control 
Zoom ahead boldly