Monday, August 18, 2008


Hi Everyone

Is it cold enough for you?

Today, I'll give you something to read and talk about. Later, you will be doing an assessment about negotiation, so I searched for something on that topic on the Internet.

Below is a link to an English lesson on . If you scroll down the topics list on the right, you will find English as 2nd Language.

Here is a lesson that I found there. Read what it is about, and then later (another day) Pariya may have you work in groups and practise the negotiating phrases that are listed. One thing I would suggest is NOT to use the phrase "I disagree" too much. In normal conversation it is too strong. If you must, use the phrase: "I'm afraid I don't agree." It is softer.

After you have read and thought about the 3 schools, why don't you explore the rest of the home page? Just remember, some of it is written for teachers.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Visiting China

Hi Everyone

We're going to visit a listening website, and through that website we will visit China.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ten steps to great conversations

Welcome back to class after the weekend.

Today's topic is conversation. I am going to pass on some advice from other people. You may need to open two or more windows. It's a useful skill when using the computer. Let's start with that.

What you do is to right-click on a hyperlink. That will allow you to open the webpage in a new window. Then, you can minimize, change the size and drag the two until they are size-by-size.

The hyperlink that I'll get you to open is a post on a blog by a man called D . . . P . . . He wrote the post about communication in 2006, on . . . The title of his blog is H . . . T . . . S . . . T . . . W . . .
He lives in C . . . and he does a lot of writing on topics that I am interested in. However, I don't expect you to read his writing. Instead, I shall go over some of his points with you.

Afterwards, we'll have a real conversation with someone ago. Search this blog for 'robot' and then click on the link you will find there. You will know thatI've introduced you to a few months you are on the right page if you see this picture: