Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1 alphabet of advice

Avoid your off-buttons 
Build an English world 
Carry out kaisen 
Do a stock take 
Enlist support
Find your passion
Generate mistakes 
Have fun with English
Individualize your system
Journal your journey
Keep going
Let learning happen 
Minimize grammar 
Notice—don’t ‘study’
Organize a routine 
Practice holistically 
Question your beliefs 
Reward progress 
Select what you like 
Try authentic text 
Understand your psychology
Vary your routine,  
Work with whole sentences
eXpect no quick fiX 
You take control 
Zoom ahead boldly

In 1 sentence

Start a routine, 
make sure you don't stop, 
and then improve what you do over time.

In 3 words





Friday, July 04, 2014

English Coaching 2

On June 30, we had the second of 6 coaching sessions. Three people out of six managed to come. The session's title was: Take charge/Know yourself.

I wanted to begin with 3 surprising facts:

  1. No one can teach you a language - you learn it on your own
  2. You already know enough English - you just need to practice it
  3. There is only one mistake - which is to avoid making mistakes

We talked about Mistake Phobia (mentioned in the previous post).

I also asked you to answer 2 things, if you have time:
  1. What are your off-buttons? That is, which things do you dislike doing when you study English (for example, I dislike classrooms and exercises)
  2. What do you think about the 10 following beliefs? Children learn better than adults. Women learn better than men. Quiet people learn more slowly than people who love to talk. Grammar is important. Mistakes should be avoided. The harder you try, the faster you improve. If you go more slowly and carefully, you learn more. Some people have a talent for language. It takes years to learn a language well. It's best to learn English in an English-speaking country.   
By the way, So . . . , is Siddhartha one of the books you have? The audio for the whole book is here on Youtube.
Also,  Jane, I found the audio for Alice in Wonderland too.