Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let's go exploring

Welcome to another week. Thank you for your hyperlinks a few weeks ago. I'm still waiting on Leo, Luna and 'Grumpy' for your contributions.

I would like to to do some exploring. Click on the hyperlink 'William's English Links'. You will arrive at my Delicious account (Hadashi05) with all the sites I have tagged with 'English' displayed. There are currently 78 of these.

You won't have time to look at the all. But I would like all of them looked at. Here's what we will do.

  1. Everyone gets a random number between 1 and 8 (Pariya, would you allocate these?)
  2. Go to the foot of my Delicious links, and you will see that there are 8 pages
  3. Click on the page number you were given, and look at the 10 sites that you arrive at
  4. Spend the rest of your time exploring the best one (in your opinion) of those 10 sites
  5. During the hour, get up and have a look at everyone else's selected page
Oh, and congratulations to Pariya for starting her own blog.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If you have gmail you can send messages to me now

What do you think is delicious? Food and drink, of course. But it is also a delicious feeling to find something that you thought you had lost. I think that this is the reason that the social bookmarking site Delicious has that name.

You have used it before. Or rather, you have used my delicious links. It is good to make use of what other people have discovered, but is also good to make discoveries on your own.

Why do I use the word 'discoveries'? That is the name that I give to useful web addresses that I stumble across. They are the sites that you find when you surf. You want to be able to find the good ones again, and not by manually writing down their addresses. That is too time-consuming. And it is far to easy to make mistakes.

You work today:

  1. On my blog, click on William's English Links

  2. Scroll down to TED Talks, and come back in 10 minutes

To be continued . . .