X Factor English

Here are some useful links for you:
  1. Listen to or read what AJ Hoge has to say about the way that English is taught in Japan. I had exactly the same experience. 
  2. Look at the difference between a teacher and a coach (thanks again, AJ Hoge). You need a coach, not a teacher.
  3. Learn about yourself with questionnaires like VARKKiersey. together with Kiersey 16 personality types and Briggs-Meyers, the 8 intelligences8 styles of learning, how analytical, creative and practical you are, and many more. This will give you ideas about how to learn English better. 
  4. Go through this powerpoint of a personal learning profile. It shows how useful it is to know about yourself.
  5. Learn about motivation and psychology in a podcast, a video or by reading about it here (thanks again to AJ Hoge). 
  6. Have a chat with a chatbot!
  7. Language exchange on LiveMocha
  8. Read and/or listen in Japanese and in English.
  9. Learn from the man who learned Polish from Harry Potter! 
  10. Hear what Richard Simcott has to say (in 2 or 3 minutes)

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