Monday, August 18, 2008


Hi Everyone

Is it cold enough for you?

Today, I'll give you something to read and talk about. Later, you will be doing an assessment about negotiation, so I searched for something on that topic on the Internet.

Below is a link to an English lesson on . If you scroll down the topics list on the right, you will find English as 2nd Language.

Here is a lesson that I found there. Read what it is about, and then later (another day) Pariya may have you work in groups and practise the negotiating phrases that are listed. One thing I would suggest is NOT to use the phrase "I disagree" too much. In normal conversation it is too strong. If you must, use the phrase: "I'm afraid I don't agree." It is softer.

After you have read and thought about the 3 schools, why don't you explore the rest of the home page? Just remember, some of it is written for teachers.

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