Monday, August 04, 2008

Ten steps to great conversations

Welcome back to class after the weekend.

Today's topic is conversation. I am going to pass on some advice from other people. You may need to open two or more windows. It's a useful skill when using the computer. Let's start with that.

What you do is to right-click on a hyperlink. That will allow you to open the webpage in a new window. Then, you can minimize, change the size and drag the two until they are size-by-size.

The hyperlink that I'll get you to open is a post on a blog by a man called D . . . P . . . He wrote the post about communication in 2006, on . . . The title of his blog is H . . . T . . . S . . . T . . . W . . .
He lives in C . . . and he does a lot of writing on topics that I am interested in. However, I don't expect you to read his writing. Instead, I shall go over some of his points with you.

Afterwards, we'll have a real conversation with someone ago. Search this blog for 'robot' and then click on the link you will find there. You will know thatI've introduced you to a few months you are on the right page if you see this picture:

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