Monday, July 28, 2008

Show and tell

Hello everyone. How do you like your new computer lab? It is useful for your English to do as many things in English as possible. That includes exploring Internet English learning and using possibilities. I am happy for you to choose your own activity in the computer lab. You know best what you enjoy. But every week I shall try and make a suggestion.

Last week we ended up in the Mac Lab. We didn't get very far :-( But this week there ought to be less problems. Did some of you come today with photographs or a camera. If so, let's try and create morphs of you, your family and friends. You can see some more morphs below and also here. When you are ready, click on the link to the My Heritage site.

Your English task for today is talk with other people as much as you can about this activity. You could write about it too. For example, you could send me a comment.

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