Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Diminishing retention...

You've all seen the graphs that demonstrate how quickly memory of an even diminishes if you don't write it down and revise.

It has been a week since The Future of Learning in a Networked World opened in Dunedin, a week for my memories to fade. And at the end of this week I fly to Napier to take part in another conference. Interference patterns of the mind loom!

And yes, I know there's a Wiki where proceedings are being put and edited in true collaborative and transparently open style, but I'd like to jot down my thoughts in my own space to start with.

And so, yes, and Open Space conference, wow!

For me it was the interaction up close with real live people. Contacts and friends and future possibilities. The stuff of science fiction and of the future. Computers used to form relationships - who would have thought that a couple of decades ago. And all within my lifetime.

Down to specifics:

I met Anne from Middlemarch, and we got to talking about the Taieri Pet - a weather/cloud meterological phenomenon. We've since emailed on gmail, and I've showed her my etchings - I mean photos.

Jo I met in person from the Language centre where a group of us met later with Michael Coghlan from Australia (who takes the prize with the most impish smile), Barbara Dieu from Brazil (who takes the prize for the most infectious smile), and Konrad Glogowski from Canada (who takes the prize for the the most proficient mouth-hand coordination.

Jo also introduced me via emails and later in person with Antonie who teaches German at Otago University.


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Barbara Dieu said...

Hahaha...I had not read that post before...I just loved meeting you in Dunedin and then again in Napier...
You stay in my mind as the most ecletic person I've met. BTW, have you listen to our interview at the backpack in Napier?