Thursday, December 14, 2006

Course Evaluation Summary

Course Evaluation Summary

Morning English 4 - Sem.2, 2006


By the end of the year, 18 students were on the AM4 roll. Two of them didn't attend class. Others didn't come for periods of time. Maybe we need flexibility with respect to that. South Koreans formed the largest language group, follwed by Chinese speakers. Evaluation was asked for orally as a class, and teacher questionnaires distributed to both the Monday to Thursday and Friday classes.

Course Content and Methods

This evaluation summary shall double to a larger extent for the needs evaluation of next year. The following points were raised and noted by the students:

  • Grammar – please cover various points as revision
  • Structure – please provide more structure
  • Individual study – please retain 30-minute periods when students work in individual areas (set up ‘appointments’)
  • Comfort – please continue to keep classes more relaxed than in, say, Hong Kong
  • Computers – using them within the classroom is better than going to a computer suite – limit that to once a week
  • Skills – build these up one by one, not all at once
  • Conversation – please have situational role play (NZ information, habits and Kiwi customs are most useful)
  • Topics – if we have specified topics or themes, then people can study these using the skills that they wish to practice.

Teacher evaluation

Teacher Questionnaire – results are mainly fives.


Next year the programme will be simplified from a management point of view, but also for the sake of the students, who need to see some sort of structure and pattern. Students will be eased into technology more gently. AM3 and AM4 will be combined for more of the time so as to free up the two teachers concerned and have the workload be more commensurate with their partial employments of 0.75 and 0.8. Individualized programmes will be set up early so that more individual attention can be given. The emphasis will be to increase confidence in producing output.

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