Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's hyperlink today

Hi everyone

Are you all settled in yet for term 2? As Pariya told us, this term will be like the end of the year for us. Our course finishes at the end of the semester, so this is our last opportunity to really become independent learners. As Christine said, "We are going to hold your hands."

This course of study is better than just holding hands. Look, you now have the benefit of three teachers' ideas! What could be better?

As well as ideas from three teachers, you also have each other--your classmates--to learn from and be inspired by. That brings me to the topic of this week's post: hyperlinking.

You already use hyperlinks all the time. Whenever you use the Internet and click on a word to take you to another page, that is a hyperlink.

Today I am including all of our (first) names: three teachers and nine students (and maybe one or two guests). All of those names are going to be hyperlinks. When you click on a person's name, you will be directed to a 'Very Useful Page' that that person recommends. It may be the last useful page (about learning or using English) that you remember, a favorite site, or an address that you enjoyed visiting. All you need to do is tell me that address--verbally, on a bit of paper, or in an email []. I shall do the rest.

Please enjoy hyper-travelling to these addresses and seeing what is there.

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