Monday, October 16, 2006

Be prepared

random 'email' picture stolen from Flickr
Just a rapid-fire post - 10 minutes' worth . . .

Took the class up to a computer suite this morning, our second session. I've now figured out how the demo computer up on screen works, together with its fancy laser pointer.

Again, we fooled around with emails. Boy, does it take a long time to sort everyone out, especially when the one who is in charge is only half sure about what he is doing ! You've just gotta be prepared to 'waste' half of your time just floundering.

So . . . everyone is now finally on line - three new studewnts had trouble logging on, requiring me to log a job with I.T. And I've also immediately had the students create gmail accounts on account of the fact that their Polytech accounts will expire at the end of the year.

That isn't much good as far as establishing an ongoing on-line presence, now, is it?

Anyway, it was fun for the students to watch as their email messages to me popped up on the screen, and I typed a quick reply. People well-clued up emailed each other, and also visited to view and comment on ESOL students' blogs from the USA.

The trick with that is that you often need to be a blogger yourself before you can post comments, and that means another username and password to remember!

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