Monday, October 09, 2006

Treasure Hunt

You are in a new environment. The best way to grow comfortable in your new surroundings is to have an orientation. One way of doing that is to take part in a treasure hunt. Check off the following items by exploring the neighbourhood. I suggest that you work with a partner who has a different first language from yours. Have fun!

1 How many floors has the building we’re in? (Take the lift to the top and then walk back down the stairs.)

2 If you came by car, where is it parked and how early did you leave home?

3 How far away from our classroom is the Bill Robertson Library?

4 Can you find a female toilet? A male toilet? A unisex toilet?

5 Find where smokers may smoke.

6 Where is the nearest nicest place to sit outside?

7 Find two places where you could buy food. Does anything tempt your fancy?

8 Does your picture appear on any of the photos displayed?

9 Where is William’s desk?

10 Where is our students’ library?

11 What is the earliest issue Reader’s Digest magazine in our classroom?

12 Discover where your two common rooms are.

13 Is it possible to check your email in our classroom?

14 Look in at Wanphen’s and Barbara’s offices.

15 Find the car parks reserved for people who share.

16 Replace one of the names (people not in our class) on the Dunedin map with your own.

17 Can you find a good place to refill your water bottle?

18 In which direction is North?

19 Where do the cyclists park their bicycles?

20 Where are there four microwaves that students may use to heat up their lunches?

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Nina Liakos said...

I really like this activity, William! It gets the students to explore their new surroundings in a fun way. When new students begin in our intensive English program, we usually have them do a "photo scavenger hunt" on our campus. It's a similar idea, and afterwards we post the photos on our website.