Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday, 14 November, 2006

Good morning class!
William and Pariya at a previous course

I forgot to tell you yesterday, but today I have to attend a course from 9 until 12, therefore I cannot be with you. Here is what I'd like you to do on your own.

9.15-9.45 The six people who need to resit their Listening to an Oral Presentation will join AM3 to do that assessment. They are: Hedi, David, Carol, Fauzia, Terumi and Jian.

The others could either use the computers to complete the work on the blogs we started yesterday - see the yesterday's post of this blog for details. Or you could explore the website we looked at yesterday - but quietly, because of the listening test next door.

(I am happy to tell you that the following people have achieved Delivering a Short Oral Presentation: George, Eun Sook, Mikyung, Hedi, Jason, David, Jian, Fauzia, Kyung and Carol.)

10-10.30 Form four groups and discuss what you will do today during conversation hour. Prepare topics and/or questions, using materials we have used in class e.g. your presentation, icebergs, yellow-eyed penguins, Ted Simon (the motorcyclist), the wallaby, the giant baby . . .

Please make sure you greet the conversation assistants at the door and guide them to where you will speak. Today you may use our classroom, H114 and the common room. If only three assistants come, then would the fourth group please distribute themselves in the other three groups.

(Some of this time will be taken up when Emma Bennet comes to take a survey)

11-12 Conversation

I will see you tomorrow as usual, inshallah.

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