Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apologies for this morning

Hi everyone

Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday. Could you please do the same today?

I must apologize for not being here in the morning. I have an appointment in town that I need to attend. I shall arrive in class before lunchtime.

In your self-directed study time, therefore, please do the following:

  1. Spend no more than 45 minutes doing a Diagnostic Grammar Test. (Look for the 9 sheets in a plastic pocket, pages 301 to 309.) Please do not write on the sheets (please check no one else does either). Work on separate sheets in any order, and exchange with other people when you are done.

  2. Spend up to 45 minutes working through Reading Unit 1 in 'Insight into IELTS'. I shall check this when I come to class.

  3. Don't encourage Ahmed to distract himself playing chess on the computer, unless it is to show you the IELTS speed reading site that he discovered on the computer yesterday (Leo is familiar with it too).
I should be back by 11 a.m. but if not . . . There is a library tour arranged for our class and for AM3 today at that time. After morning tea please join with Pariya's class. You are well prepared to learn more and to ask questions from the library staff!

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