Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Try to correct these sentences. In each there's an easy mistake.

  1. Imagine planet orbiting a star.
  2. They eventually managed persuade Robert to seek hospital help.
  3. I was found a nest with an egg in it.
  4. A profession pilot was planning to take a radio-show host aloft.
  5. The russian did pay my fare and my Hotel to go to vienna.
  6. Do you spend too much time at work on tasks you hates?
  7. Three-fours of the white population of the South was of Celtic descent.
  8. We were surprising at how bright the light was on the snow.
  9. Every day for seven month the Polish farm girl came to feed him.
  10. A tiny piece of a victims bone can send a killer to jail.
  11. He visited his doctor first thing at Monday morning.
  12. Olympic flag consists of five interlinked rings.
  13. “Mum’s got a boyfriend, the elder sister whispered.”
  14. Gum passes through the digestive tract vitually unchanged.
  15. Could a single donor liver saving them both?
  16. For three days the two didnt speak.
  17. They flew across frigid seas with out radar.
  18. Chess it good training because it makes you sit and think.
  19. A smiling doesn’t cost anything.
  20. She lived to a ripe old aged.

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