Monday, June 23, 2014

English Coaching 1

In a previous class, I had people from many countries

On the 16th of June, 2014, a group of 6 people joined me for the first of six English Coaching sessions. We met at 6.30 a.m. at a Macdonald's in Kumamoto. I had run 2 trial sessions the previous month, so I knew Sa and So from then. (I'm sorry that I repeated some of the content.) Ja, Em, Ka and As are new. Welcome to all of you!

We will enjoy 6 coaching sessions over 3 months. Each session, I shall bring some material, but I also encourage everyone to ask questions, and to share what they are doing. We can all help one another. During the 90-minute session, we'll keep things light and relaxed. The real business happens at home, when people create and follow their own programs.

This first session was 'Kicking off' (a term used to describe the start of a football game). Its purpose is to encourage everyone to make the best start that they know how. Later, you shall improve what you do.

Just to remind you, these are the 4 things that I asked you to try:

  1. Start a journal
  2. Write your English goal
  3. Create a daily routine
  4. Bring some work to show, or questions to ask

 Here are some things for you to take a look at:

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