Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hey! Nice Wednesday (not the weather)

G'morning class. It's my youngest daughter's birthday today- Iacinta is 15 years young. That makes me feel happy.

Are you happy? You will have completed your first attempt this term at writing a formal letter. I asked you to start that yesterday, before any teaching on the topic.

You looked at several formal letter writing models yesterday on the Internet, so you know that in real life there are many 'correct' ways to set such a letter out. Structure is largely a personal matter. I've suggested one way for now, just so that we all do what is expected of us in the next assessment.

Often it's all about following the rules. Sometimes the rules don't make much sense, but we obey them anyway so as not to make waves. Kick up a fuss only when the issue is an important one for you, otherwise you create stress for yourself - that's my advice for the day.

Okay then, the thing I would like you to do now is to read this short article. Where does it come from? Who is it about? How does it relate to the illustration above?

At lunchtime you have the opportunity of listening to a 'Body Technician Master'. The information flyer is up on the wall. I thought that a related article would be useful for you to read.

After morning tea we will look at formal letter writing again. I shall do some teaching (for a change?). We'll look at some aspects of the body.

p.s. Now, don't be too distracted by this widget. Instead, please take a look at yesterday's post and read what I wrote about Pariya Williams sending an e-card to her friend in hospital.

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