Monday, May 28, 2007

How is your viewing and listening?

Good morning to you all

Today we'll spend all of our time in the classroom; we won't go to the computer suite for the next couple of weeks. The reason is that I would like to prepare you better for the formal letter writing assessment on 7 June.

Therefore, this Monday, this Wednesday, next Monday and next Wednesday from 11-12 we'll be concentrating on letter writing. Any level three people in AM3 who wish to will join us for that (those) hour(s).

Right, then. Today's work. I have some listening for you to do, and some viewing. (Actually, the listening
includes viewing too.)

Do you remember the body language tape we started looking at on Thursday? I hope so, because I would like you to jog each other's memories in the same groups we last formed. On a large sheet of paper I shall ask you to list the main points that you remember.

Then, well view the first 15 or so minutes of the video, from the start, so that you can check and add to what you remembered.

Finally, you'll add to your notes more about the new material that followed on.

As for the viewing, I shall ask you to look at a short video. Research has shown that there is a difference between how accurately people from different backgrounds, ages and genders do this.

No, don't look now! Please read these instructions carefully first:

  • View the video only once
  • Do not talk about it to anyone
  • Count how many times you see the basketball being thrown only by the people wearing white tee-shirts. (Ignore how many times the people wearing black tee-shirts throw their ball).
Okay then, go ahead and view this video.

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