Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 9 - Cows and sheep burping

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday many of you had a look at today's topic about cows and sheep. I'll give you a grammar task about it.

Also, you shall receive some very useful listening practice. I will play the first two minutes from side two of the assertiveness tape. I have eight questions for you to answer after you have listened to it twice.

I have a bonus site for you to explore today. It provides more than 800 short interviews especially for ESOL students. The only thing is that it doesn't ask you questions - but I can do that!

Tomorrow, the topic will look at an incident where neighbours fought! I hope that this will not happen to you in real life.

Site for today: Karin's ESL Partyland looks like fun. On the students site, click on quizzes for interactive grammar quizzes sorted by level. Click on Learning pages for theme related interactive lessons.

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