Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sharing Slides

A couple of posts ago I first mentioned SlideShare. Here I've had a couple of goes at making a slide show myself. If you like, I could show you how to do this too.


Anonymous said...

Hi William.

How are you? Are you still enjoy your holidays? Today we also have missed you. We really appreaciate
to enjoy pictures. Especially mountain Fuji is so beautiful. I naver been to mountain Fuji. Someday I,ll go to there to see the magnicficnt view.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi William.

How are you? I fuoght you had gread holiday in China. I did saw you show our lots of different picture,it was are breatifull. I will like go there to visit for one day. we love to see you to tell our more about the story. Thanks your time for let our know your holiday.

See you later.

Bye Willian;

John Tran

Anonymous said...

Hi William

How are you? I am all OK. I enjoyed your photo. I haven,t been
there, I'll go to there next time.I liked to go to snow mountine in Korea. It was looked like snow trees. I miss too much there, so I'll go to Cook Mountine this winter.

Will you go to a way?

See you later

Sun Young

Upali said...

Hi William

How are you? Today, we are in your class but you are not here. Are you ok? We are worried about you. Are you sick? Take care.

Anyway, Mrs. Pariya helped us in the class room at that time and she always recommends you are a one of good teachers in Polytec. She advices us go to your website, then see your photos and write a comment. So, we are visiting your website now.

Do you always walk in barefoot? Even on snow too?? Most of our country people walk in barefoot. I also like Japan and Japanese people, especially Mr. Koizumi. He was the previous prime minister and he acts like Gorge W. Bush.

Most of your stays were very funny and interesting. Were they public toilets? You took very nice sceneries and my favourites were ‘camping Dame!’ and a picture taken through a road mirror.

I hope I’ll see you next week.