Monday, May 05, 2008

World's biggest photograph

Welcome back after your holidays. I was on holiday too. In fact, I will still be on holiday from this class, although I will come in and see you for a few minutes.

Today I have some reading for you to do. If you click here you will arrive at an interesting site with many interesting new stories. The story I would like you to read is about the world's largest photograph. It is larger than the picture above, which is the previous world's largest photograph.

When you are finished, please choose another story to read. There are 10 other stories listed underneath the words: Related Links. After you have read that story too, see what stories the other students in the class chose. Were they all different? (If there are more than 10 students in the class then they can't have been ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi William

How are you? How is your holiday going? Where have you been? We were just comming back shcool. we
have missed you.

Thank you very much for your lovely

See you next Monday


Tony said...

Hi William,

How are you? Where have you been? It's Tony from AM3 Class.

Thank you for your kind message 'World's biggest photograph' from your Blog. It is very interesting to me.

See you on next Monday.



Anonymous said...

Hi William

How's it going? What about your family? How is your holiday going? At this time, I'd like to say thank you very much for your lovely pictures on your blog for us. I wish you and your have a good joyful holiday. When are you coming back to work?

See you later


Anonymous said...

How are you? DO You have a good holiday?When you come black tell our your holiday story.
thank you give our the know about the chongping of China.
See you later.


Anonymous said...

Hi William, How are you?
I'm enjoying these stories but I miss you today! I'm looking forward to seeing you next week.

Take care

April said...

Hello William.
This is April from AM3 class.

How have you been? Hope you having a great time on your holiday. I had a really nice one. ^^

Thank you for your big help and give us a good information every times. I really appriciate what you have done to us.

Back safely and hope to see you next week with big smile. *^^*