Monday, May 26, 2008

Ship or sheep

Hi All

Today I shall certainly pay you a visit in the computer lab. I'm well. I'm not on holiday. I am double-booked, so I can't spent the full hour with you, but I shall call by.

Today I have a site that Jean Monk told me about, called Ship or Sheep. Using this site will help you with your pronunciation of vowels. Maybe it will get quite noisy in the lab today!

I have bookmarked that website to my delicious account. This is a very convenient way for me to remember useful websites. Perhaps there is a student in the class who uses 'Delicious' too. If you want to join up it is free. I can help you if you like.


Anonymous said...

I was very happy to see you and enjoyed "Ship or Sheep" today! Please take care your health:)

Tony said...

Hi William,

Thank you for your 'Ship or Sheep' website, I learned a lot about the pronounciation after accessing the website.

I am appreciate to your kind effort.



Anonymous said...

Thank you William!!!
This is really fun. The paint of a ship on a sheep is beautiful. Where comes from? Also, thank you for coming our class today. Nice to see you!


Anonymous said...

Hi, William! I'm a new student of Pariya's class. My name is Shota and I'm from Japan. I've been in NZ for a month and I enjoyed "ship and seep!" It was like tongue twisters and difficult...but I enjoyed very much! cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi William

Thanks for the "Ship and Sheep" web site. it's very fun and we anjoyed. It's very usefull and very important our pronunciayion. I like it very much.

Take care, see you next week.