Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome back

Welcome back, everyone, for the second leg (the first leg for some new students).

This semester there have been some changes, as you can see. Our class - and Pariya and Afife's too - are in new rooms. As I write this on Wednesday 18 July, the furniture and fittings have not been set up, but I'm confident that they will. Otherwise I'll get you all to write a formal letter of complaint to the Polytechnic head (I'm joking!).

The good thing is that all our rooms are in a row. I think that our desks will be a larger size. We will only have four computers instead of five, but we'll get the afternoon sun. Oops, ours is a morning class, isn't it?

Okay then, I would like our English class this semester to be the best one I have taught. I shall try and use all of the best materials and ideas that I have accumulated during the ten or so years I've been teaching ESOL. You are in for a treat.

Let's start the semester slowly and simply. Initially our routine every day shall be the same. We'll work on one topic a day. We'll all be working on the same tasks, but not for long. Not always. On the first day I shall conduct a needs analysis, as we do at the start of every semester. If you were here in the first semester, and if you filled out and gave me the form, I'll let you see what you wrote them. Then, I'll get you to fill out a new sheet.

Within a few days I shall update myself about which skills you each individually need to work on. You don't all need the 'same' English. Soon there will be times during our classes that you are working on different skills. This will allow everyone to improve in their own areas of need.

As well as that, though, there are some areas where all of you need to work on and improve. Grammatical accuracy is one. The assessments for Module M, Narrative Writing Skills, is another. Everyone will be doing this work together.

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