Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hurricane season

Thanks to Samantha, I can now provide you with the list of topics we’ll be studying over the next couple of weeks. Now, this is not all that we’ll be doing. Soon, today in fact, from 11 until 12, you will work individually in your own areas, and you can choose what material to cover then.

There were 21 topics I let you choose from. They were not complied at random; I have good reading and listening resources for each. Here are the top twelve that we’ll be looking at:

The idea woman (done yesterday)

Hurry canes from warm weather

Alternating fuel vehicles

The news even wonders

Skinny motels

Sell phones

Japanese public bats

Wetting anniversary

Moscow, the world’s weariest city

Papyrus sects

Body tonation

World’s fallest man Mami's

I’m sorry . . . I have made deliberate mistakes in all the above. Would you care to correct them?

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