Wednesday, August 01, 2007

7 Wonders of the world

Back to our topic list today . . .

We'll be looking at the new list of seven wonders of the world this morning.

We'll start with a short dictation, of only single words or short phrases. You will listen to them over our 'loud' computer. These are the key vocabulary in today's reading. We'll look at their meaning and usage.

I shall get you to do a pyramid discussion after that. One person's opinions will be merged with another's through negotiation. Then two pairs will merge into a group, and so on until the whole class takes part.

While we're fresh, let's do a practice task for reading a narrative text. We'll plunge right in and see how we go. The story you will read is called 'The Holiday that wasn't'.

After that would you do some writing for me. I would like you to choose any country in the world and select its best three wonders. Write why, in your opinion, they are the best. Today I shall be looking at the construction of your sentences. (Yesterday I read through your writing about your speaking skills, looking at the ideas you presented. I want to say that you do this aspect very well. There is nothing wrong with your thinking!

Finally, I'm going to put some worksheets on the wall. You will need to walk around the room to do them, and you will need to read this article on the computer (I have already printed two sheets of paper per person today).

For those of you who need pronunciation practice, it would be a good idea to listen to this article spoken. Listen where the woman stresses, pauses, raises and lowers her voice, speeds up or slows down. If you could imitate her style, then you will develop more variety in the way that you speak.

You might also take a look at the official website
and see these pictures
and you might wish to make a comment about the outcome.

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