Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seventy to eighty percent

Talk to Chiho in AM3. She talked with Mami, my wife, who told her that in her experience 70-80 % of a student's improvement in English (or in any subject) depends on what the student does outside the class. I would agree with here there.

As a teacher I try and stimulate my students to want to learn. I provide opportunities, advice, feedback and resources. But unless the student follows up that advice and makes use of what I try to provide, he or she will not make much progress.

Okay, enough philosophy. What are we doing today? I've made a list:

  • 'grammar' dictation from a follow-up article (you don't need to get all the words and in the correct order, but your finished sentence should make grammatical sense)
  • group answers to questions 11-20 from yesterday
  • Star newspaper article (did you know that you can access it online?)
  • lucky-dip conversation mini-skill (if we have time)Narrative text - I will give you a model with one section missing for you to complete.
  • 11-12 self-directed learning

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