Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why read?

I have a few items for you to read today. Let's start with one that I got from Monday's newspaper. It is about a reading survey that was conducted in the USA recently.

To start (after the dictation - factual and delayed - from the book Why can't you tickle yourself?) form groups of no more than four. I'll help you to mix randomly. Predict answers to these questions:

  1. What fraction of people read zero books all year?
  2. What was the average number of books read in a year?
  3. What type of book is more popular: religious politics or romance?
  4. Who reads the most - woman or men, younger people or older people?
  5. What is the largest number of books someone mentioned in the article read?
I have two links for you to look at about today's other topic: Wedding Anniversaries. Take a look at them during the interval break and tell me which you prefer.
Your homework for the next two weeks is to make a list of everything you read in English (of at least a page).

Finally some writing. Please rewrite with simpler language as a list of points the information about Immersion and Reading that the Toastmasters article provides.

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