Monday, August 06, 2007

I've caught Carol's cold

Hi all
I shan't be coming in today. I'm ill with that cold I had earlier (no, I don't think I caught it from Carol). Today you will need to work on your own. Let me tell you here what I'd like you to do.

The topic today is skinny models. Please visit this page and read/listen to the story.

There are many issues around this topic: health, fashion, self-image, diet, peer-pressure, media, animal rights, vegetarianism, beauty . . .

I would like you to write about something concerning this topic that you feel passionately about. Write strongly about how you feel.

In the computer suite between 11 and 12 (I have asked IT to open up the room for you) search for an interesting site on that same topic.

You may wish to calculate your body mass index.

Finally, there are two Reader's Digest articles you may like to read. In the March 1996 issue on page 43 (One Billion Rice Bowls to Fill), and in the July 1996 issue on page 30 (Calcium: That 'Miracle' Mineral).

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