Thursday, August 16, 2007

How much can you do?

It was as much as I could do to drag myself here this morning. I don't know why, but my cold has come back with a vengeance. I cannot do much stand-in-front-of-the-class teaching, so I've prepared a self-directed learning package.

I shall be here. I shall sit in an armchair. I'll be
available for asking questions (if you want to risk my germs). But for the most part I'd like you to work in pairs. The first thing to do, therefore is find someone you don't usually sit with who has a different first language. You may need to negotiate and shuffle to do this.

Second, spend some time on as many of the tasks below as you can. Work steadily and smoothly, and don't get bogged down on any task.
Don't all start with the first thing on the list; it will create a bottleneck or a logjam.

  • copy the enlarged words of this page in your vocabulary notebook and find the meanings
  • from any book dictate 5 easy sentences of less than 10 words long to your partner
  • make a comment on this post
  • help each other complete the narrative writing that I asked you to do for homework, and give them to me
  • put some books from inside the cupboard onto our new bookshelf and select one each
  • spend no more than 15 minutes completing some grammar exercises
  • look through the book Conversation Gambits and select two pages to do in the future

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