Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Keeping a record

Hi everyone. Are you ready for a good day?

Yesterday I realised that I haven't been checking. We have done a lot of writing, but I need you to keep all your writing together. Also, you need to keep a record of your mistakes, a collection, so that you learn from them.

I shall give you yesterday's 100-word description back. All of you scored between 80 and 100%. Well done. But now you need to learn from the mistakes that you made.

I shall give you part of a talk made by Dr. Albert Bartlett. He talks about the concept of doubling grains of rice. I have added errors for you to correct and to list.

We shall speak briefly about the next assessment: Can write a narrative text.

You shall select a task to practise during conversation hour.

During that time I shall let you know about your previous assessment results.

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