Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Saying your piece

Hi guys, I'm back!

I'm okay, though not quite 100%. Never mind, as long as I can cope. I know that some of you are not firing on all cylinders either.

Today we need to play catch-up. I will want to see what you got up to yesterday. After that there are two main things that we should do: prepare for Thursday's assessment, and prepare to make greater use of our conversation hour.

Here is what I see as today's programme:

  1. Dictation (I'll use some conversation tasks)
  2. Saying one's piece. You may read your impassioned writing you wrote yesterday, and everyone will practise showing agreement and support.
  3. Narrative reading (I'll use the yesterday's story about rice)
  4. Conversation Gambits game (a book, and my idea for a game - see below) Here is another link
  5. Conversation with our assistants

Tasks to try during conversation

  1. Ask someone for their opinion
  2. Ask someone for more details
  3. Tell about something you are reminded of.
  4. Change the topic
  5. Interrupt someone
  6. Return to the previous topic
  7. Agree with what someone is saying
  8. Disagree (gently) with what someone is saying
  9. Make a joke
  10. Give some non-verbal feedback
  11. Tell an anecdote
  12. Give a one-word prompt
  13. Paraphrase another’s remarks
  14. Ask a related question
  15. Give an opinion
  16. Make an observation
  17. Comment on what someone has said
  18. Introduce an interesting fact
  19. Make a statement
  20. Make a generalisation
  21. Challenge (gently) what another person says
  22. Relate the topic to yourself
  23. Relate the topic to a recent happening
  24. Ask for clarification
  25. Ask for repetition
  26. Ask someone to slow down
  27. Ask to have something said more simply
  28. Indicate that you have understood
  29. Indicate that you haven’t understood
  30. Give a third person’s opinion
  31. Repeat what someone else has said
  32. Ask a rhetorical question
  33. Ask a question to the whole group
  34. Show interest
  35. Respond positively
  36. Respond hesitantly
  37. Consider what someone else has said
  38. Respond dubiously
  39. Talk to yourself
  40. Invite input
  41. Survey everyone in the group
  42. Call for a vote
  43. Use a question tag
  44. Ask an open question
  45. Deliberately pause before replying
  46. Deliberately stress key words
  47. Express emotion in your tone

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