Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Speak up, speak well

On Tuesdays we have conversation hour, as you know. As teachers we all value our volunteer assistants, and every class has an hour or two a week of conversation.

Some of you could improve your conversation more than others. But everyone can benefit.

When you are at a beginner level, all kinds of conversation are good - even just listening to an assistant. But as you progress, you will want to improve your range of skills. At that stage, you would be wasting your time to some extent if you don't actively practise those skills or stay on task.

Here's today's plan:

  1. Dictation (the sentences come from this story)
  2. Grammar correction in a narrative (this is the story without a resolution or evaluation that I used)
  3. Advice from a magazine (Toastmasters)
  4. Listening to a narrative on a video (see the picture above for clues)
  5. Conversation hour

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