Monday, August 20, 2007

On the mend, on the go, on the up and up

Hi all

Are you hanging on in there? I was ill during the weekend, but I think that I'm on the mend now.

Poor Gylchella isn't. We hope that you get better soon.

Today the photo is of Gary. You are going to learn about Gary today. To begin, I will give you an article he wrote. It was published in a magazine.

Later, in the computer suite, I suggest that you browse his website.

Do you remember on Thursday when I asked you to work in pairs and complete 7 tasks. Well, no one did. You did not show that you are independent and can work on your own. I was surprised.

For example, not one of you commented on my post. Neither did anyone ask me what to do (if that was the reason that you didn't). Hmmm . . .

And I only received two suggestions for sections from the textbook: Conversation Gambits. Thanks to Im, Air and Rasmey I have two sections that we will be doing soon in class. The first is section 14: Changing the subject.

By now you should have a story that you are working on for the upcoming assessment: Can write a narrative text. You are gambling on preparing a generic story that you can adapt according to the assessment topic. Ask me if you don't know what I mean by that.

Just looking for things for you to listen to. I did a Google search for 'listening to story podcast' and discovered this site about immigrant stories. Let me know if you think it is useful.

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