Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Follow up

Thanks to Carol for her extra-strong Kimchi, and Hannah for her apple-licorice drink, I'm feeling well today. I hope you are too.

Today we have four things to do: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. All of those activities follow on from yesterday, which is why I've titled this post 'Follow-up'. Don't you agree that it's important to continue with a task, rather than starting something new each day?

Now then, it may not be for everyone, but yesterday I gave you a reading about an unusual topic. I will prepare 20 questions about it - 10 easy and ten more difficult.

I shall follow on from the listening about cell phones yesterday. Today's listening is about dolphins in China. I obtained it from this page.
You will study some vocabulary before listening.

Next, how well did you do with your task, changing the topic, yesterday. I shall ask you.
I shall also ask which thing you find hardest to do in conversation. Maybe we can model and practice one or two micro-skills.

Finally, I shall return the writing that many of you gave me yesterday. Remember to make a record of your valuable errors. I shall give you another 15 minutes to improve you narratives.

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