Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Art of Conversation

This morning I decided not to use the next topic of our list. Instead, because today we have conversation from 11 until 12, I thought that we could focus on the art of conversation.

Here's what we'll do:

First, I shall dictate a few famous quotes about 'communication'. I found them on the Internet by Googling 'famous quotations', and then visiting the website at the top of the list. It gave me a subject list that I could look at in alphabetical order. The word 'conversation' was not under C, but the word 'communication' was. And luckily there were exactly 5 quotations on that topic.

I'll get you to work in pairs to check your dictation, and then to agree on the quotations that you like and dislike the most. (You'll need to do some talking to decide!)

Secondly, I shall let you look at the Student Self-analysis of Speaking that most of you completed for me in the first semester. (Others may complete it afresh.) Have your thoughts changed since then? Has your speaking improved? Why has - or hasn't - it?

After that, there are three things that you will do in three groups.

  • View this page on the computer and follow the link to look at the quotations site.
  • Write to me for 15 minutes about your conversation skills.
  • Read the page about communication that I read in this Teaching English blog.
Finally, if you have time today, please check your email and reply to me.

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