Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day 12 Ten commandments for motorists

Today we'll take a break from listening about assertiveness, but not from listening!

Using yesterday's link to a radio programme about food and cooking I have prepared 25 questions you ought to be able to answer without too much trouble. My aim is to give you some last-minute practice for tomorrow's assessment, and to increase your confidence.

  1. What is the program about?

  1. What is William offered to eat?

  1. Are humans at the top or at the bottom of the food chain?

  1. Complete the expression: Food for ___________

  1. How was the interviewer able to interview Anita?

  1. What are cooking buses?

  1. You can fit how many people into the class – 6, 16, 32 or 60?

  1. Many children don’t know what fact about vegetables?

  1. Which verb often goes with the word ‘recipe’?

  1. Which preposition often goes with the word ‘recipe’?

  1. How can you take part in the competition?

  1. Which letter in the word ‘ingredient’ becomes silent when you form the plural?

  1. Complete these words: Essen____, Vit___, and Import_____

  1. What question did the interviewer ask Anita first?

  1. What ‘makes’ a good cook? (Say this in 10 words or less)

  1. What is Anita’s opinion about spending money on food?

  1. What prompted William to start cooking?

  1. Describe William’s meals with two of the adjectives he uses.

  1. Does William ‘make it up as he goes along’? What does this mean?

  1. How can you learn how to make the perfect omelette?

  1. Does the person on the phone come from Peru, Manchester, or does she come from Spain?

  1. What meat in is Wendy’s favourite dish?

  1. Complete:________ anything together and see ____________________

  1. Another word for a small job is ______________.

  1. What sound signals the end of the programme?

After the break you'll do some self-directed learning, starting with a piece of writing on driving.

Site for you today: Dave's ESLCafe. A Student and Teacher resource. Quizzes, slang, ‘idea cookbook’, discussion forums, etc. Check out the great links-with heaps of links to ESL sites.

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