Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 21 - Hopes fade for the Indian Tiger

Following on from yesterday's surprise barbecue . . .

Don't you think that the tiger is an impressive-looking creature? What a pity that one day there will be none of them left, according to the story from Breaking News.

I'm going to give you two paragraphs. The first has grammar errors for you to find and correct. Last week you so enjoyed doing that, so I am repeating the exercise. In fact, all this week I shall provide more for you of what you most enjoyed during the year.

The second paragraph that completes the story has words missing. In some of your writing certain people miss out articles, verbs and even subjects. I think you know who you are! Anyway, this is for you.

For both exercises you can correct your work first by listening to the Breaking News story, and then you can check both your corrections and listening by reading the story online. I shall remind you to do that!

Another exercise that proved enjoyable for you on Thursday was continuing writing onto someone else's work. We'll have a chance to do that too. And then finally, before we have our last conversation hour of the year(!) I shall ask you how we can improve that hour in 2008

Tomorrow we'll learn about a water pipe breaking - has it ever happened to you?

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