Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 17 - Overwork

Isn't the picture on the left an interesting one?

I enjoyed yesterday morning when you asked me if we could spend time preparing for your group discussion in the afternoon. A teacher is very happy when students take initiative with their learning. I could see that you all made a lot of progress.

So today . . .

First we'll do some listening and/or dictation from our tapes on Assertion. I know that they are a favourite with you, Wea Ju.

I'll prepare a sheet with some of your own writing errors to correct - that covers grammar. Here they are:

Try and improve these sentences:

May be more women are more open mind than men.

It spent a expensive fee for a one month to learn driving.

I’m enjoying driving and listening good music on the way.

Water treatment have a few step the process to come clean.

Finally , the water continued with disinfection tank , where using chlorine.

Sometimes they drive to hit another car because they lost their concentration.

How long can we become a good salsa dancer, it depends on ones personality and the feeling of music.

When I droved my car to visite my friends house at Roslyn then an old driver hited the middle my car when I’m driving.

Some of women is afraid of driving because the traffic is too busy and many taxi men and motorcyclists are always not obey traffic rules and drive over speed.

I’m interested about driving follow limite speed if some one who has driven the car to look all limited speed it make them to reduce more accidents in New Zealand.

The next day, Monday, we'll study about a tunnel between Russia and the USA.

And if you want more work see the site: English Language Centre Study Zone.

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