Monday, June 25, 2007


Last week, everyone!

I hope you stayed warm in the weekend, and that you didn't have any mishap on the road. Such weather as we had is very rare for Dunedin. I hope that it isn't a sign of climate change.

Today the key word is accuracy. Next semester I shall try and have you work on your individual areas of need. The common theme for all of you is accuracy. You all need to improve your accuracy in one or more areas, and that means quality and quantity of practice.

During our computer hour today I would like you to go to this site belonging to Headway, who produce ESOL textbooks. They have provided material on-line for people to study. So, please choose any level that you like, then click on the grammar box. You will find useful grammar gap fills to complete.

A good understanding and automatic grasp of grammar is important especially for your writing.

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