Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Retire later to live longer

Hello everybody.

The title for today's post comes from an on-line ready-to-use ESL/EFL lesson. All I did was to search for 'English listening retirement' on Google. I had already chosen today's topic for conversation hour. I have a question sheet for AM3 and AM4 to use today, but I wanted to get you thinking of questions to ask and to start thinking about the topic.

Some of the activities we will do come from that on-line lesson. Go to the site, and perhaps attempt the harder lesson.

Apart from this, I suggest that those of you who are resitting the formal letter writing assessment on Thursday give me your completed letters to look at. Normally a teacher only indicates some of a student's errors - not all. He or she will select the 5 to 10 most serious errors for you to work on (or if they are difficult show you how to fix them). The teacher does not normally correct your work completely. However, this time only I shall try and do that for you.

Here is a one-and-a-half minute listening about retirement for you to listen to. (Click on the picture.)

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