Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Money matters

Hello once more. Wasn't it icy on the road! It took Mami and I much longer than usual to walk here,

Today the topic we'll use is Money. This is an issue in the movie, Picture Bride, that we're watching. I shall ask you to write a few sentences about that issue, and then a paragraph. (It is the same type of task as yesterday, where we changed simple sentences into a mixture of compound and complex sentences.)

Next, I would like you to practice reading out aloud a short text about the cost of living in California. You may also listen to it at this site. There are other activities that you will find at the site's home page, but explore those later in your own time.

Think about stress, tone and the rhythm the speaker uses. If you find it difficult to produce smooth flowing English, then ask yourself why.

  • Are you used to reading?
  • Are the words unfamiliar?
  • Are you speaking English as if it was your own language?
  • Are some sounds difficult for you to pronounce?
Finally, during conversation hour, you will have the final opportunity to talk with our conversation volunteers about 'Money Matters'.

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