Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another fine frost

Good morning! There was another fine frost this morning. Did you all get here safely? I guess that anyone who didn't, didn't, and we won't learn about that until later.

Anyway, yesterday's topic was a good one. It sparked plenty of conversation and discussion. Who would have known that Taiwan and South Korea share the world's lowest birthrate of 1.1?

Let's continue the topic. Today I would like to start with your speaking. Everyone that wishes can give a short talk. Anyone who doesn't wish to needn't. Instead, they will help the speakers with their topic.

Your topic is identical; you will all be speaking about the issue of farmers seeking brides from other countries. However, your audiences will be different. I'm asking that you prepare a one-to-two-minute talk for the following audiences:

  • A Vietnamese official speaking to a group of Vietnamese teenagers
  • A tour operator speaking to a group of South Korean bachelor farmers
  • A woman speaking to other women in South Korea about welcoming a Vietnamese bride to the village
  • A woman speaking to other Vietnamese women about their duties to their parents
  • A husband persuading his wife that their daughter will be better off in a richer country
  • A man speaking to other men about whether or not it is a good idea for them to go on a tour to find a wife
  • A Vietnamese wife speaking at the funeral of her South Korean husband about her married life
You shall have time to prepare and practice. Then, it will be interesting for everyone to hear each other's talks.

Next you will deserve a treat. I shall let you see the start of the 1995 movie, Picture Bride. I shall pause the movie from time to time to ask questions and for you to write answers.

Finally, here is another photograph that may inspire some debate and discussion:

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