Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reminding ourselves what we do

Have you all recovered after yesterday's Showcase? Thank you for all your effort - the displays were really wonderful. When you have had the chance to empty your cameras I'll invite you to contribute photographs into an on-line group so that we can view them together.

But for now, we need to return to our work...

Let's warm up with a few more dictated sentences from the tapes Vet on the Wild Side by David Taylor.

Then, while six of you write another formal letter, I would like to ask that the rest of you go to the Bill Robertson Library across the road.

I would like you to find a good book about any of the topics we have used in our classes. Look back over previous posts to remind you. Please get a book issued each, and when you return to class I would like you to tell us what it is about and why you chose it.

After the morning break we shall view the start of Picture Bride. It is a movie that I once recorded off the TV (in the days that I still sometimes watched it). The story relates to the feature we read about South Korean farmers having to find Vietnamese brides. With the holiday break coming up, you are welcome to borrow the tape. If you make a list, you could pass it on to the next person down once you've watched it.

Right, I'd better rush. It's already 8:42.

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