Monday, June 18, 2007

Listening is good for you

Greetings again.

Do you realize that this is the second last of the semester? This will be a busy week for us. On Wednesday we will we holding our showcase. You have already started to prepare for that in Practical English. On Thursday, students who need to do a resit will write another formal letter. And also this week I must remember to give you each a course evaluation form to fill out. That's on top of our regular work!

Today I shall help those of you who need to prepare for assessments - both in the morning (formal letter) and also in the afternoon, where I believe that you are listening to a spoken text and for understanding and to focus on personal viewpoint.

Well, it is difficult if not impossible to improve your listening quickly. Lots of practice is what is needed. One site with plenty of listening practice is Randal's ESL cyber listening lab.

After morning tea you shall return to the computer suite - we haven't been there for a couple of weeks. You will read through my posts if you haven't been keeping up to date. Then I would like you to explore the VOA special English site. It provides you will all the listening you like. You can read the text as you listen.

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