Saturday, August 12, 2006

Broken arm

Two minutes ago I received word that my son, Vincent (Vinnie) has broken his arm at rugby. The coach rang up the ex-wife, who was in the shower, and my daughter took down the number, incorrectly. And I've been asked to deal with the situation, as my daughters need to be taken by their mum to dance at a rest home.

No rest for the wicked.

At the time I'd been exploring a website that provides audio recordings by volunteers of many, many books.

I've rung the hospital, but my son has not yet arrived. "Ring back in ten minutes," the nurse at A & E suggested. So to while away the time I'm writing this blog. Mami has heated up our lunch for me to have a quick bite. And I'm trying not to get rice over the keyboard!

Never a dull moment.

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Leigh Blackall said...

You're son! Daughters!! You don't look a day older then them yourself!! Goes to show - barefoot does wonders.

LibriVox - great find W. Thanks for that. Have saved and tagged it with all other tekotagolanguage

And the student blogs on protopage look wonderful. It makes me feel really good to see you going for it like this.