Monday, August 07, 2006

pbwiki sounds like a good idea

Just now I found this address about setting up a Wiki. It seems easy to do, and useful for my class. I've decided to set one up for my class this term.

Another article concerns the original Wikipedia. This is from the New Yorker magazine.

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Leigh Blackall said...

Hey William. PB wiki is not too bad. I have used it from time to time, but I always end up prefering

I'm negotiating with the Commonwealth of Learning at the moment - for access to a media wiki (same type of wiki as wikipedia). Even though media wiki is harder to use, the work time invested in it can then be easily copy pasted into other media wikis like wikipedia, wikiversity, etc.

Perhaps you should have another look at wikiversity? Its a good place to start or contribute to existing courses... is there already an English language course there? Could you and your students help make it better?