Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How to gamble

Today Hugo Li from Problem Gambling Foundation came to talk about problem gambling. According to him, 95% of New Zealanders gamble in one way or another. He said that Asians especially get involved.

The Chinese love gambling. Is this because of their obsession with money? Perhaps not. Chinese 'religion' is quite different from western versions with their gods and saints. In Chinese culture there is an emphasis on fortune, spirits and superstition. When a person is gambling, he or she is really 'in communication' with the spirits. If that person wins then the spirits are smiling at him or her. When the person loses, the spirits are frowning and you do not want to leave the gambling table on a frown. - from 'How to Have a Beautiful Mind' by Edward de Bono

Hugo gave a very professional power-point presentation. It lasted more than one hour, but he felt (and I agree) that the students were "very well-engaged". By this, he meant that the students asked many questions.

As well as that, my class - AM4 - worked on their writing. There was not much time left for the students to post their writing to their respective blogs, but we'll continue with that tomorrow.

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