Friday, August 25, 2006

One-sentence English

At the consol/terminal/monitor

Today, we are going to have a very interesting day, because William said that we’ll do many fun activities. After each activity, one of us will write about it. At the end of the class, we can post what we’ve done. The first activity is called One-sentence English.

Fallen phrases

This is a very good group activity. Someone, who is a cleverer student, speaks the first letter, and the other students can follow it. (William used to create both this and the next activity.)


We completed One-sentence English and then started to do its crossword. The interesting thing is that it is the same sentence we are using all the way through.

The third activity is synonyms. When we check the 20 answers, we have to think of 20 synonyms e.g. Jandals means flip-flop or thongs or bathroom slippers.

The fourth activity is “same vowel sounds”. We find the words with same vowel sounds in the sentences. E.g. 'among' and 'young'

We are recording one-sentence English and William will find out whose sound is. (William used the language master - shown below)


Now we are having a break time and we are enjoying cup of tea. Before morning tea William came and he listened to the records and checked our pronunciations. William said all of them were very good. We are very happy to hear that. We hope that we are having a dinkum kiwi accent in the future.

After morning interval my class did some writing. Our sentence comes from a VOA broadcast. It starts:

Flip-flop shoes have become very popular in the United States, mostly among young people.

Group discussion

The item goes on to mention appearance, construction, variety, formality/informality, and medical opinion. I asked the students to work in groups of four or five and create text according to those keywords. The only rule was that everyone in the group had to write down the same sentences. Here is what the two groups wrote:

Flip-Flop shoes are a type of open shoes often made of rubber, with a v-shaped strap which goes between the big toe and the next one to it and is fixed to the flat bottom piece. There are different colours and styles of Flip-flop shoes on the market currently. It seems that purple, green and red fashionable shoes are most popular for young girls. Flip-Flop shoes are normally worn in the informal places especially on the beach and at home during the summer time. This summer, because of the hot weather in the USA, more and more Flip-Flop shoes are appearing in the shopping centres, offices, streets, etc. Most young people like these kind of shoes, because they think they are simple, convenient and cool, and also they like these colours. But for some old people, they have different opinions. They think these shoes are too informal to wear in some places and they make people lazy.

Jandals have two straps on top of the sole. The straps should be placed between the toe and the second toe. It’s made of rubber, plastic or leather. Some of them are soft and others hard wearing. Most people were jandals on the beach in summer, but in some countries people wear them in formal occasional. Foe example Japanese brides were traditional costume with jandals. Some researches say jandals are good for health.

Group discussion

After about 20 minutes of writing I shall play the audio track and ask some comprehension questions.

Then everyone will receive a copy of the printed article to read.

Finally, I shall enter the sentence in Google Search, where over 66,000 references will come up (I checked this morning). I shall describe some of them to the class.

And by that stage we will be ready to enjoy the weekend!

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