Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Laid low with a cold

I had to take Monday off with a cold, but was back at work today (not yet 100%, though). Probably brought on by the bad weather, the business during working hours (Leigh, take note!) and the stress and then hospital environment of my son's broken arm.

The main thing I did today was to clear up Carol's blog and to send gmail invitations to the students in my class.

Fantastic, my wife has just entered, so we will walk home from work together. I'll cut this entry short then! Just a photo before we go . . .

Oops! Sorry, wrong photo. How about this then . . .?

* * *

No, I've tried three times, and it hasn't been successful. That sometimes happens when you try and upload photos. Sometimes it is because of their size, and sometimes the connection is too 'busy'.

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